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Healthy Eating
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Healthy Eating

​Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and avoiding high-sugar, high-fat foods can help reduce your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Healthy foods are often cheaper than unhealthy ones. And many healthy meals can be prepared quickly. You can work them into your diet with just a few small changes to your eating habits.

Find out how by using these tips, recipesarticles, and links that contain easy steps to healthy eating.

Healthy Eating Tips

Drink water instead of soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks.​

Eat at least two vegetables with dinner.​

Switch to low-fat or non-fat milk.​

Plan ahead to make sure your meals are balanced and healthy. ​

Eat different colors of fruits and vegetables to get a variety of nutrients.​

Eat steamed, broiled, or grilled foods instead of fried foods.​

Have fresh or dried fruit for a snack.​

Keep a food diary to help track what you eat.​

Use a smaller plate or bowl to encourage appropriately sized portions.​

Keep a bowl of fruit on your counter so it’s easy to find.​

Healthy Eating Recipes



​Healthy meals can be easy and quick with the right recipes. Take a look through our resources to find a new recipe to try.

Healthy Eating Articles

To Lower Your Risk of Diabetes, Eat Breakfast

People who eat breakfast are less likely to develop diabetes.​

​The New York Times

Weight-Loss and Nutrition Myths

How Much Do You Really Know? ​

​U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Fads Not as Helpful as Exercising, Eating Less

A new study suggests that simple approaches to weight loss are best.​

​Los Angeles Times

Headline: Why Families Who Eat Together are Healthier

​Healthy eating can start at home.


Menu Navigator: Best (and Worst) Choices

How to make healthy choices at different kinds of restaurants.​

​Cooking Light

Eat More, Weigh Less?

​How to manage your weight without being hungry.

​Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Healthy Eating Can Cost Less, Study Finds

​Fruits, vegetables and other healthy items are cheaper than junk food.

​Associated Press

For Diet Success, Follow These 10 Tips on Snacking

​Feel full and satisfied without adding pounds.

​AARP Bulletin

5 So-Called “Health” Foods You Should Avoid

Even though a food says it’s “healthy,” it might not be.​

​Washington Post

The Plate Method

A simple way to eat healthy with diabetes.​


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